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/* ****************************************************************************
  This file is part of KBabel

  Copyright (C) 1999-2000 by Matthias Kiefer
            2002-2004  by Stanislav Visnovsky

  This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
  it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
  the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
  (at your option) any later version.

  This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
  but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
  GNU General Public License for more details.

  You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
  along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
  Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307, USA.

**************************************************************************** */

class HidingMsgEdit;
class MsgMultiLineEdit;
class QSplitter;
class GotoDialog;
class QPopupMenu;
class KLed;
class FindDialog;
class ReplaceDialog;

namespace KBabel
    class EditCommand;
    class RegExpExtractor;
    class FindOptions;
    class ReplaceOptions;

class QListBoxItem;
class QTextView;
class QTabWidget;
class KListBox;
class KSpell;
class KSpellConfig;
class KBabelDictBox;
class KDataToolInfo;
struct ReplaceOptions;
struct ModuleInfo;

#include <kdockwidget.h>
#include <kurl.h>
#include <kconfig.h>
#include <qwidget.h>
#include <qstrlist.h>
#include <resources.h>

#include <catalogview.h>
#include "kbcatalog.h"
#include "kbproject.h"
#include "projectsettings.h"

class KBabelMW;
class CommentView;
class ContextView;
class CharacterSelectorView;
class SourceView;
class TagListView;

 * This is the main view class for KBabel.  Most of the non-menu,
 * non-toolbar, and non-statusbar (e.g., non frame) GUI code should go
 * here.
 * @short Main view
 * @author Matthias Kiefer <matthias.kiefer@gmx.de>
 * @version 0.1
00082 class KBabelView : public QWidget, public KBabel::CatalogView
    * Default constructor
    * @param buildLeds flag, if status leds should be created in editor
    KBabelView(KBCatalog* catalog,KBabelMW *parent, KBabel::Project::Ptr project);

    * Destructor
    virtual ~KBabelView();

     * @return the view, that has opened file url or 0 if this
     * file is not opened
    static KBabelView *viewForURL(const KURL& url, const QString project);

     * @return the view, that has no opened file url or 0 if there
     * is no such view
    static KBabelView *emptyView(const QString project);

    KURL currentURL() const;
    QString project() const { return _project->filename(); }
    void useProject (KBabel::Project::Ptr project);
    bool isLastView() const;
    bool isModified() const;
    /** the edit mode of the entry-editors*/
    bool isOverwriteMode() const;
    bool isReadOnly() const;
    /** the edit mode of the entry-editors*/
    void setOverwriteMode(bool ovr);
    bool isSearching() const;

    void saveView(KConfig *config);
    void restoreView(KConfig *config);
    void saveSession(KConfig*);
    void restoreSession(KConfig*);

    void readSettings(KConfig* config);
    void saveSettings();

    void readProject(KBabel::Project::Ptr project);
    void saveProject(KConfig* config);

    void openTemplate(const KURL& openURL, const KURL& saveURL);
    bool saveFile(bool checkSyntax=true);
    bool saveFileAs(KURL url = KURL(), bool checkSyntax=true);
    bool saveFileSpecial();

    * Checks, if the file has been modified. If true, it askes the user if he wants
    * to save, discard or cancel. If the users chose save, it saves the file.
    * @return true, if it is allowed to open a new file. false, if the user wants
    * to edit the file again.
    bool checkModified();

    * Checks syntax of the current catalog. If the catalog is modified it
    * saves it under a temporary filename ( using @ref Catalog::saveTempFile ).
    * @param msgOnlyAtError flag, if a message should be shown, only if
    * a error occured.
    * @param question flag, if only a information about the result should
    * be shown or a question, whether the user wants to continue or cancel
    * @return true, if no error occured or if an error occured but the user
    * wants to continue anyway.
    bool checkSyntax(bool msgOnlyAtError, bool question);

    * this is called from the catalog when updating his views.
    * reimplemented from @ref CatalogView
    * @param cmd the edit command that has been applied
    virtual void update(KBabel::EditCommand* cmd, bool undo=false);

    KBCatalog* catalog() const{return _catalog;}

    void processUriDrop(KURL::List& uriList, const QPoint & pos);

   * checks the status of the displayed entry: last, first, fuzzy,...
   * and emits the appropriate signals
   void emitEntryState();

   void setRMBEditMenu(QPopupMenu*);
   void setRMBSearchMenu(QPopupMenu*);
   void setTagsMenu(QPopupMenu*);
   void setArgsMenu(QPopupMenu*);

   QPtrList<ModuleInfo> dictionaries();
   KBabelDictBox* searchView() { return dictBox; }

   bool autoDiffEnabled() const {return _diffEnabled;}

   void gotoEntry(const KBabel::DocPosition& pos, bool updateHistory=true);

public slots:
    /** opens a filedialog and asks for an url */
    void open();
    void open(const KURL& url, const QString & package=QString::null, bool checkModified=true, bool newView=false);
    void setFilePackage();
    void revertToSaved();

    void updateSettings();
    void updateProjectSettings();

    void undo();
    void redo();
    void textCut();
    void textCopy();
    void textPaste();
    bool findNext();
    bool findPrev();
    void find();
    void findInFile(QCString fileSource, KBabel::FindOptions options);
    void replaceInFile(QCString fileSource, KBabel::ReplaceOptions options);
    void replace();
    void selectAll();
    void deselectAll();
    void clear();
    void msgid2msgstr();
    void search2msgstr();
    void plural2msgstr();
    void gotoFirst();
    void gotoLast();
    void gotoNext();
    void gotoPrev();
    void gotoEntry();
    void gotoNextFuzzyOrUntrans();
    void gotoPrevFuzzyOrUntrans();
    void gotoNextFuzzy();
    void gotoPrevFuzzy();
    void gotoNextUntranslated();
    void gotoPrevUntranslated();
    void gotoNextError();
    void gotoPrevError();

    void forwardHistory();
    void backHistory();

    void spellcheckAll();
    void spellcheckAllMulti();
    void spellcheckFromCursor();
    void spellcheckCurrent();
    void spellcheckFromCurrent();
    void spellcheckMarked();
    void spellcheckCommon();

    void roughTranslation();
    void diff();
    void toggleAutoDiff(bool on);
    void diffShowOrig();
    bool openDiffFile();
    void insertNextTag();
    void insertNextTagMsgid();
    void insertNextArg();
    void insertTagFromTool( const QString& tag );
    void showTagsMenu();
    void showArgsMenu();
    void skipToNextTag();
    void skipToPreviousTag();
    void skipToTagFromTool(int index);

    void removeFuzzyStatus();
    /** opens the header editor for the po-file */
    void editHeader();

    /** checks the syntax of the file by using msgftm */
    bool checkSyntax();

     * perform all checks listed above
    bool checkAll();

    void stopSearch();
    void startSearch();
    void startSelectionSearch();
    void startSearch(const QString id);
    void startSelectionSearch(const QString id);

    void configureDictionary(const QString id);
    void editDictionary(const QString id);
    void aboutDictionary(const QString id);
    virtual void dragEnterEvent(QDragEnterEvent *event);
    virtual void dropEvent(QDropEvent *event);
    virtual bool eventFilter(QObject*, QEvent* event);
    virtual void wheelEvent(QWheelEvent*);

    /** emited when a fuzzy catalogentry is shown */
    void signalFuzzyDisplayed(bool);
    /** emited when a untranslated catalogentry is shown */
    void signalUntranslatedDisplayed(bool);
    void signalFaultyDisplayed(bool);
    /** emited when the first catalogentry is shown */
    void signalFirstDisplayed(bool firstEntry, bool firstForm);
    /** emited when the last catalog entry is shown */
    void signalLastDisplayed(bool lastEntry, bool lastForm);
    void signalNextTag( int index );
    * emited when a new entry is shown
    * pos: position (index and plural form) of the currently shown entry
    void signalDisplayed(const KBabel::DocPosition& pos);

    * emited when new entry is displayed and there is no
    * fuzzy entry afterwards in the catalog
    void signalFuzzyAfterwards(bool);
    * emited when new entry is displayed and there is no
    * fuzzy entry in front of it in the catalog
    void signalFuzzyInFront(bool);
    * emited when new entry is displayed and there is no
    * untranslated entry afterwards in the catalog
    void signalUntranslatedAfterwards(bool);
    * emited when new entry is displayed and there is no
    * fuzzy entry in fornt of it in the catalog
    void signalUntranslatedInFront(bool);

    void signalErrorAfterwards(bool);
    void signalErrorInFront(bool);

     * Use this signal to change the content of the statusbar
    void signalChangeStatusbar(const QString& text);
     * Use this signal to change the content of the caption
    void signalChangeCaption(const QString& text);

    void signalNewFileOpened(KURL url);

    void signalResetProgressBar(QString,int);
    void signalProgress(int);
    void signalClearProgressBar();

    void signalSearchActive(bool);

    void signalDiffEnabled(bool);

    void signalForwardHistory(bool have);
    void signalBackHistory(bool have);

    void ledColorChanged(const QColor& color);

    void signalDictionariesChanged();

    void signalMsgstrChanged();

    void signalNextTagAvailable(bool);
    void signalTagsAvailable(bool);

    void signalNextArgAvailable(bool);
    void signalArgsAvailable(bool);

    void signalCursorPosChanged(int line, int col);

    void signalSpellcheckDone(int result);

    void signalCopy();
    void signalCut();
    void signalPaste();
    void signalSelectAll();

   * inserts the content of the current catalog entry into
   * the fields in the view
   * @param delay flag, if the auto search should be started delayed
   * this is useful when a new file is opened
   * @param formID number of the plural form to be displayed. Use 0 for
   * no plural form
   void updateEditor(int formID=0, bool delay=false);

   void initDockWidgets();
   void startSearch(bool delay);

    * makes some checks like checkings arguments and accels etc
    * @param onlyWhenChanged flag, if message should only be shown
    * when status changed
   void autoCheck(bool onlyWhenChanged);

    * Create instances of tools currently setup for autochecks
   void setupAutoCheckTools();

    * internal function to find next string given with @ref FindDialog
    * starting at position pos
    * @return true, if search was successful
   bool findNext_internal(KBabel::DocPosition& pos, bool forReplace=false, bool mark=true);
    * internal function to find previous string given with @ref FindDialog
    * starting at position pos
    * @return true, if search was successful
   bool findPrev_internal(KBabel::DocPosition& pos, bool forReplace=false, bool mark=true);

    * makes the real work
    * @param autoDiff flag, if called from @ref autoDiff()
   void diffInternal(bool autoDiff);

    * @param autoDiff flag, if called from @ref autoDiff()
   bool openDiffFile(bool autoDiff);

    * Inserts a text into the msgstr (into the current form) using undoable commands.
    * if @param clearFirst is set to true, it will clear the contents of msgstr before inserting
   void modifyMsgstrText(const uint offset, const QString& text, bool clearFirst=false);

protected slots:
   bool validateUsingTool( const KDataToolInfo & info, const QString & command );
   void modifyUsingTool( const KDataToolInfo & info, const QString & command );
   void modifyCatalogUsingTool( const KDataToolInfo & info, const QString & command );

private slots:
   void msgstrPluralFormChanged (uint index);
   void autoRemoveFuzzyStatus();

   /** connected to the catalog. it is called when a new file is opened*/
   void newFileOpened(bool readOnly);

   void showError(const QString& message);

   void toggleFuzzyLed(bool on);
   void toggleUntransLed(bool on);
   void toggleErrorLed(bool on);

   void forwardMsgstrEditCmd(KBabel::EditCommand*);

   * called from a signal from ReplaceDialog to replace the
   * current found string. After that it searches the next string
   void replaceNext();
   * called from a signal from ReplaceDialog to replace
   * all without asking anymore.
   void replaceAll();
   * called from a signal from ReplaceDialog to go to next
   * string to replace
   void findNextReplace();

   * makes some checks like checkings arguments and accels etc
   void autoCheck();

   void autoDiff();

    * called, when text in msgstrEdit changes to inform
    * the dictionary about the changes
   void informDictionary();
   void setNewLanguage();

   void forwardProgressStart(const QString& msg);
   void forwardSearchStart();
   void forwardSearchStop();

    * checks if there is are fuzzy entries in front or behind
    * the current entry and emits the appropriate signals
   void checkFuzzies();
    * checks if there is are untranslated entries in front or behind
    * the current entry and emits the appropriate signals
   void checkUntranslated();

   /** inserts the nth tag from the available tags into msgstr*/
   void insertTag(int n);

   /** visually display the tag to be inserted next */
   void selectTag();

   void updateTags();

   /** inserts the nth argument from the available arguments into msgstr*/
   void insertArg(int n);

   void updateArgs();
   void insertChar(QChar ch);

   void showTryLaterMessageBox();

   void dummy(KSpell*) {}

   static QPtrList<KBabelView> *viewList;

   HidingMsgEdit* msgstrEdit;
   HidingMsgEdit* msgidLabel;
   KBabelDictBox* dictBox;
   GotoDialog* _gotoDialog;
   FindDialog* _findDialog;
   FindDialog* _replaceDialog;
   ReplaceDialog* _replaceAskDialog;

   QPopupMenu* _dropMenu;

   KLed* _fuzzyLed;
   KLed* _untransLed;
   KLed* _errorLed;

   QSplitter* _mainEditSplitter;
   QSplitter* _viewSplitter;

   KBCatalog* _catalog;
   uint _currentIndex;
   KBabel::DocPosition _currentPos;

   KBabel::SpellcheckSettings _spellcheckSettings;

   bool _autoSearchTempDisabled;

   QValueList<uint> _backHistory;
   QValueList<uint> _forwardHistory;

   // flag to not beep, when switching to the next entry, because
   // go -> next or prev entry was used.
   bool _dontBeep;

   * position in document were find or replace function
   * started to search
00550    KBabel::DocPosition _findStartPos;
   * the string that was marked during the last search
00554    QString _lastFoundString;

   * flag, if internal find functions should break at end or ask for
   * beginning at the other end of the document
   bool _findBreakAtEnd;

   bool _showTryLaterBox;

   KBabel::DocPosition _replacePos;
   int _replaceLen;
   int _replacesTotal;
   bool _replaceWasAtEnd;
   /** contains the diff to the offset, where we started to search */
00569    int _replaceExtraOffset;

   /** appId for a source of the next files to be searched */
00572    QCString _fileSource;

   QStringList _tags;
   QPopupMenu *_tagsMenu;

   QStringList _args;
   QPopupMenu *_argsMenu;

   bool _diffEnabled;
   bool _loadingDiffFile;
   bool _diffing;

    * flag, set if editing KDE documentation PO-file
   bool _editingDocumentation;
   QPtrList<KDataTool> _autocheckTools;

//spellcheck things
   struct Position
      uint index;
      uint form;
      uint pos;
      uint end;

   enum SpellWhat{All,AllMulti,Current,Marked,Begin,End,BeginCurrent};

      KSpell *kspell;
      KSpellConfig* config;
      QStringList wordList;
      bool active;
      int misspelled;
      int replaced;
      int posCorrection;
      uint lastIndex;
      QPtrList<Position> posDict;
      SpellWhat what2Check;

      // the last word, that was misspelled
      uint lastPos;
      // the position correction in the last word.
      // needed if words with '-' are treated as seperate words
      int inWordCorrection;

      QStringList origWords;
      QStringList newWords;

      QStringList ignoreList;
      QStringList newIgnoreList;
   } spell;

    struct {
        KSpell *kspell;
        KSpellConfig* config;
    } spell2;                   // on-the-fly spellchecking

    //DictSpellChecker * flyspell;

    * Marks a misspelled word in the editor.
    * After that, the cursor is at the beginning of the
    * marked text
    * @param orig the original word as given from KSpell
    * @param pos the position of the word in the StringList
    * spell.wordList
    * @returns false, if the there is a synchronization error,
    * means the word has not been found in the editor.
   bool markMisspelled(const QString &orig, unsigned int pos);

private slots:
   void spellcheck();
   void cancelSpellcheck();
   void spellStart(KSpell*);
   void spellMisspelled(const QString &orig, const QStringList &sug, unsigned int pos);
   void spellCorrected(const QString &orig, const QString &newWord, unsigned int pos);
   void spellResult(bool);
   void spellCleanDone();
   void spellAddIgnore(const QString &);
   // initialize spellchecking struct
   void cleanUpSpellStruct();
   void slotAutoSaveTimeout( );

   void addSpellcheckWords(uint pos, QString text, uint index, uint form);

   // configuration file
   KSharedConfig::Ptr _config;
   // project file
   KBabel::Project::Ptr _project;
   KBabel::RegExpExtractor* _tagExtractor;
   KBabel::RegExpExtractor* _argExtractor;

   QTimer * autoSaveTimer;
   int _autoSaveDelay;

   int _currentTag;
   KBabelMW* m_mainwindow;
   CommentView* m_commentview;
   ContextView* m_contextview;
   CharacterSelectorView* m_charselectorview;
   TagListView* m_taglistview;
   SourceView* m_sourceview;
   bool m_overwrite;

#endif // KBABELVIEW_H

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