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UMLView Class Reference

#include <umlview.h>

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Detailed Description

The UMLView class provides the view widget for the UMLApp instance. The View instance inherits QWidget as a base class and represents the view object of a KMainWindow. As UMLView is part of the document-view model, it needs a reference to the document object connected with it by the UMLApp class to manipulate and display the document structure provided by the UMLDoc class.

Paul Hensgen <phensgen@techie.com> Bugs and comments to uml-devel@lists.sf.net or http://bugs.kde.org

Definition at line 56 of file umlview.h.

Public Slots

void show ()
void slotActivate ()
void slotCutSuccessful ()
void slotMenuSelection (int sel)
void slotObjectCreated (UMLObject *o)
void slotObjectRemoved (UMLObject *o)
void slotRemovePopupMenu ()
void slotShowView ()
void slotToolBarChanged (int c)
void zoomIn ()
void zoomOut ()


void sigClearAllSelected ()
void sigColorChanged (int)
void sigLineColorChanged (int)
void sigLineWidthChanged (int)
void sigRemovePopupMenu ()
void sigResetToolBar ()
void sigShowGridToggled (bool)
void sigSnapComponentSizeToGridToggled (bool)
void sigSnapToGridToggled (bool)

Public Member Functions

bool activate ()
bool activateAfterLoad (bool bUseLog=false)
bool addAssociation (AssociationWidget *pAssoc, bool isPasteOperation=false)
void addObject (UMLObject *object)
void addSeqLine (SeqLineWidget *pLine)
bool addWidget (UMLWidget *pWidget, bool isPasteOperation=false)
void beginPartialWidgetPaste ()
void checkMessages (ObjectWidget *w)
void checkSelections ()
bool checkUniqueSelection ()
void clearDiagram ()
void clearSelected ()
void copyAsImage (QPixmap *&pix)
void createAutoAssociations (UMLWidget *widget)
int currentZoom ()
void deleteSelection ()
void endPartialWidgetPaste ()
void exportImage ()
void fileLoaded ()
AssociationWidgetfindAssocWidget (Association_Type at, UMLWidget *pWidgetA, UMLWidget *pWidgetB)
AssociationWidgetfindAssocWidget (int id)
UMLWidgetfindWidget (int id)
void fixEPS (QString filename, QRect rect)
AssociationWidgetList & getAssociationList ()
int getCanvasHeight () const
int getCanvasWidth () const
WorkToolBar::ToolBar_Buttons getCurrentCursor () const
void getDiagram (const QRect &area, QPainter &painter)
void getDiagram (const QRect &rect, QPixmap &diagram)
QString getDoc () const
QColor getFillColor () const
QFont getFont () const
int getID () const
QColor getLineColor () const
uint getLineWidth () const
int getLocalID ()
IDChangeLoggetLocalIDChangeLog ()
MessageWidgetList & getMessageList ()
QString getName () const
const Settings::OptionState & getOptionState () const
bool getPaste () const
QPoint getPastePoint ()
int getSelectCount () const
bool getSelectedAssocs (AssociationWidgetList &assocWidgetList)
bool getSelectedWidgets (UMLWidgetList &WidgetList)
bool getShowSnapGrid () const
bool getSnapComponentSizeToGrid () const
bool getSnapToGrid () const
int getSnapX () const
int getSnapY () const
Uml::Diagram_Type getType () const
UMLObjectListgetUMLObjects ()
bool getUseFillColor () const
void getWidgetAssocs (UMLObject *Obj, AssociationWidgetList &Associations)
const UMLWidgetList & getWidgetList () const
int getZoom () const
void hideEvent (QHideEvent *he)
virtual bool loadFromXMI (QDomElement &qElement)
UMLWidgetloadWidgetFromXMI (QDomElement &widgetElement)
void moveSelected (UMLWidget *w, int x, int y)
ObjectWidgetonWidgetLine (QPoint point)
void print (KPrinter *pPrinter, QPainter &pPainter)
void printToFile (QString filename, bool isEPS)
void removeAllAssociations ()
void removeAllWidgets ()
void removeAssoc (AssociationWidget *pAssoc)
void removeAssociations (UMLWidget *pWidget)
void removeAssocInViewAndDoc (AssociationWidget *assoc)
void removeSeqLine (SeqLineWidget *pLine)
void removeWidget (UMLWidget *o)
void resetToolbar ()
void resizeCanvasToItems ()
virtual void saveToXMI (QDomDocument &qDoc, QDomElement &qElement)
void selectAll ()
void selectAssociations (bool bSelect)
void selectionSetFillColor (QColor color)
void selectionSetFont (QFont font)
void selectionSetLineColor (QColor color)
void selectionSetLineWidth (uint width)
void selectionToggleShow (int sel)
void selectionUseFillColor (bool useFC)
void selectWidgets (int px, int py, int qx, int qy)
bool setAssoc (UMLWidget *w)
void setCanvasHeight (int height)
void setCanvasSize (int width, int height)
void setCanvasWidth (int width)
void setClassWidgetOptions (ClassOptionsPage *page)
void setDoc (QString doc)
void setFillColor (QColor color)
void setFont (QFont font)
void setID (int id)
void setLineColor (QColor color)
void setLineWidth (uint width)
void setMenu ()
void setName (QString name)
void setOptionState (const Settings::OptionState &options)
void setPos (QPoint _pos)
void setSelected (UMLWidget *w, QMouseEvent *me)
void setShowSnapGrid (bool bShow)
void setSnapComponentSizeToGrid (bool bSnap)
void setSnapToGrid (bool bSnap)
void setSnapX (int x)
void setSnapY (int y)
void setStartedCut ()
void setType (Uml::Diagram_Type type)
void setUseFillColor (bool ufc)
void setZoom (int zoom)
void showDocumentation (AssociationWidget *widget, bool overwrite)
void showDocumentation (UMLWidget *widget, bool overwrite)
void showDocumentation (UMLObject *object, bool overwrite)
void showEvent (QShowEvent *se)
bool showPropDialog ()
int snappedX (int x)
int snappedY (int y)
void toggleShowGrid ()
void toggleSnapComponentSizeToGrid ()
void toggleSnapToGrid ()
 UMLView ()
void updateDocumentation (bool clear)
void updateNoteWidgets ()
bool widgetOnDiagram (int id)
 ~UMLView ()

Static Public Attributes

static const int defaultCanvasSize = 1300

Protected Member Functions

void addAssocInViewAndDoc (AssociationWidget *assoc)
void closeEvent (QCloseEvent *e)
void contentsDragEnterEvent (QDragEnterEvent *mouseEvent)
void contentsDropEvent (QDropEvent *mouseEvent)
void contentsMouseDoubleClickEvent (QMouseEvent *mouseEvent)
void contentsMouseMoveEvent (QMouseEvent *mouseEvent)
void contentsMousePressEvent (QMouseEvent *mouseEvent)
void contentsMouseReleaseEvent (QMouseEvent *mouseEvent)
void findMaxBoundingRectangle (const FloatingText *ft, int &px, int &py, int &qx, int &qy)
void forceUpdateWidgetFontMetrics (QPainter *painter)
QRect getDiagramRect ()
void init ()
bool loadAssociationsFromXMI (QDomElement &qElement)
bool loadMessagesFromXMI (QDomElement &qElement)
bool loadWidgetsFromXMI (QDomElement &qElement)
void makeSelected (UMLWidget *uw)
void selectWidgetsOfAssoc (AssociationWidget *a)
void setupNewWidget (UMLWidget *w)
void updateComponentSizes ()

Protected Attributes

AssociationWidgetList m_AssociationList
bool m_bCreateObject
bool m_bDrawRect
bool m_bDrawSelectedOnly
bool m_bPaste
bool m_bShowSnapGrid
bool m_bStartedCut
bool m_bUseSnapComponentSizeToGrid
bool m_bUseSnapToGrid
QString m_Documentation
QPoint m_LineToPos
MessageWidgetList m_MessageList
QString m_Name
int m_nCanvasHeight
int m_nCanvasWidth
int m_nID
int m_nLocalID
int m_nSnapX
int m_nSnapY
int m_nZoom
Settings::OptionState m_Options
QPoint m_Pos
UMLWidgetList m_SelectedList
Diagram_Type m_Type
UMLWidgetList m_WidgetList

Private Member Functions

Uml::Association_Type convert_TBB_AT (WorkToolBar::ToolBar_Buttons tbb)

Private Attributes

bool m_bActivated
bool m_bMouseButtonPressed
bool m_bPopupShowing
WorkToolBar::ToolBar_Buttons m_CurrentCursor
QCanvasLine * m_pAssocLine
QPoint m_PastePoint
QPtrList< QCanvasLine > m_SelectionRect
QPtrList< SeqLineWidgetm_SeqLineList


class ToolBarState
class ToolBarStateAssociation
class ToolBarStateMessages
class ToolBarStateOther

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