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KBabelView Class Reference

#include <kbabelview.h>

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Detailed Description

Main view.

This is the main view class for KBabel. Most of the non-menu, non-toolbar, and non-statusbar (e.g., non frame) GUI code should go here.

Matthias Kiefer <matthias.kiefer@gmx.de>

Definition at line 82 of file kbabelview.h.

Public Slots

void aboutDictionary (const QString id)
void backHistory ()
bool checkAll ()
bool checkSyntax ()
void clear ()
void configureDictionary (const QString id)
void deselectAll ()
void diff ()
void diffShowOrig ()
void editDictionary (const QString id)
void editHeader ()
void find ()
void findInFile (QCString fileSource, KBabel::FindOptions options)
bool findNext ()
bool findPrev ()
void forwardHistory ()
void gotoEntry ()
void gotoFirst ()
void gotoLast ()
void gotoNext ()
void gotoNextError ()
void gotoNextFuzzy ()
void gotoNextFuzzyOrUntrans ()
void gotoNextUntranslated ()
void gotoPrev ()
void gotoPrevError ()
void gotoPrevFuzzy ()
void gotoPrevFuzzyOrUntrans ()
void gotoPrevUntranslated ()
void insertNextArg ()
void insertNextTag ()
void insertNextTagMsgid ()
void insertTagFromTool (const QString &tag)
void msgid2msgstr ()
void open (const KURL &url, const QString &package=QString::null, bool checkModified=true, bool newView=false)
void open ()
bool openDiffFile ()
void plural2msgstr ()
void redo ()
void removeFuzzyStatus ()
void replace ()
void replaceInFile (QCString fileSource, KBabel::ReplaceOptions options)
void revertToSaved ()
void roughTranslation ()
void search2msgstr ()
void selectAll ()
void setFilePackage ()
void showArgsMenu ()
void showTagsMenu ()
void skipToNextTag ()
void skipToPreviousTag ()
void skipToTagFromTool (int index)
void spellcheckAll ()
void spellcheckAllMulti ()
void spellcheckCommon ()
void spellcheckCurrent ()
void spellcheckFromCurrent ()
void spellcheckFromCursor ()
void spellcheckMarked ()
void startSearch (const QString id)
void startSearch ()
void startSelectionSearch (const QString id)
void startSelectionSearch ()
void stopSearch ()
void textCopy ()
void textCut ()
void textPaste ()
void toggleAutoDiff (bool on)
void undo ()
void updateProjectSettings ()
void updateSettings ()


void ledColorChanged (const QColor &color)
void signalArgsAvailable (bool)
void signalBackHistory (bool have)
void signalChangeCaption (const QString &text)
void signalChangeStatusbar (const QString &text)
void signalClearProgressBar ()
void signalCopy ()
void signalCursorPosChanged (int line, int col)
void signalCut ()
void signalDictionariesChanged ()
void signalDiffEnabled (bool)
void signalDisplayed (const KBabel::DocPosition &pos)
void signalErrorAfterwards (bool)
void signalErrorInFront (bool)
void signalFaultyDisplayed (bool)
void signalFirstDisplayed (bool firstEntry, bool firstForm)
void signalForwardHistory (bool have)
void signalFuzzyAfterwards (bool)
void signalFuzzyDisplayed (bool)
void signalFuzzyInFront (bool)
void signalLastDisplayed (bool lastEntry, bool lastForm)
void signalMsgstrChanged ()
void signalNewFileOpened (KURL url)
void signalNextArgAvailable (bool)
void signalNextTag (int index)
void signalNextTagAvailable (bool)
void signalPaste ()
void signalProgress (int)
void signalResetProgressBar (QString, int)
void signalSearchActive (bool)
void signalSelectAll ()
void signalSpellcheckDone (int result)
void signalTagsAvailable (bool)
void signalUntranslatedAfterwards (bool)
void signalUntranslatedDisplayed (bool)
void signalUntranslatedInFront (bool)

Public Member Functions

bool autoDiffEnabled () const
KBCatalogcatalog () const
bool checkModified ()
bool checkSyntax (bool msgOnlyAtError, bool question)
KURL currentURL () const
QPtrList< ModuleInfo > dictionaries ()
void emitEntryState ()
void gotoEntry (const KBabel::DocPosition &pos, bool updateHistory=true)
bool isLastView () const
bool isModified () const
bool isOverwriteMode () const
bool isReadOnly () const
bool isSearching () const
 KBabelView (KBCatalog *catalog, KBabelMW *parent, KBabel::Project::Ptr project)
void openTemplate (const KURL &openURL, const KURL &saveURL)
void processUriDrop (KURL::List &uriList, const QPoint &pos)
QString project () const
void readProject (KBabel::Project::Ptr project)
void readSettings (KConfig *config)
void restoreSession (KConfig *)
void restoreView (KConfig *config)
bool saveFile (bool checkSyntax=true)
bool saveFileAs (KURL url=KURL(), bool checkSyntax=true)
bool saveFileSpecial ()
void saveProject (KConfig *config)
void saveSession (KConfig *)
void saveSettings ()
void saveView (KConfig *config)
KBabelDictBox * searchView ()
void setArgsMenu (QPopupMenu *)
void setOverwriteMode (bool ovr)
void setRMBEditMenu (QPopupMenu *)
void setRMBSearchMenu (QPopupMenu *)
void setTagsMenu (QPopupMenu *)
virtual void update (KBabel::EditCommand *cmd, bool undo=false)
void useProject (KBabel::Project::Ptr project)
virtual ~KBabelView ()

Static Public Member Functions

static KBabelViewemptyView (const QString project)
static KBabelViewviewForURL (const KURL &url, const QString project)

Protected Slots

void modifyCatalogUsingTool (const KDataToolInfo &info, const QString &command)
void modifyUsingTool (const KDataToolInfo &info, const QString &command)
bool validateUsingTool (const KDataToolInfo &info, const QString &command)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void dragEnterEvent (QDragEnterEvent *event)
virtual void dropEvent (QDropEvent *event)
virtual bool eventFilter (QObject *, QEvent *event)
virtual void wheelEvent (QWheelEvent *)

Private Types

enum  SpellWhat {
  All, AllMulti, Current, Marked,
  Begin, End, BeginCurrent

Private Slots

void autoCheck ()
void autoDiff ()
void autoRemoveFuzzyStatus ()
void cancelSpellcheck ()
void checkFuzzies ()
void checkUntranslated ()
void cleanUpSpellStruct ()
void dummy (KSpell *)
void findNextReplace ()
void forwardMsgstrEditCmd (KBabel::EditCommand *)
void forwardProgressStart (const QString &msg)
void forwardSearchStart ()
void forwardSearchStop ()
void informDictionary ()
void insertArg (int n)
void insertChar (QChar ch)
void insertTag (int n)
void msgstrPluralFormChanged (uint index)
void newFileOpened (bool readOnly)
void replaceAll ()
void replaceNext ()
void selectTag ()
void setNewLanguage ()
void showError (const QString &message)
void showTryLaterMessageBox ()
void slotAutoSaveTimeout ()
void spellAddIgnore (const QString &)
void spellcheck ()
void spellCleanDone ()
void spellCorrected (const QString &orig, const QString &newWord, unsigned int pos)
void spellMisspelled (const QString &orig, const QStringList &sug, unsigned int pos)
void spellResult (bool)
void spellStart (KSpell *)
void toggleErrorLed (bool on)
void toggleFuzzyLed (bool on)
void toggleUntransLed (bool on)
void updateArgs ()
void updateTags ()

Private Member Functions

void addSpellcheckWords (uint pos, QString text, uint index, uint form)
void autoCheck (bool onlyWhenChanged)
void diffInternal (bool autoDiff)
bool findNext_internal (KBabel::DocPosition &pos, bool forReplace=false, bool mark=true)
bool findPrev_internal (KBabel::DocPosition &pos, bool forReplace=false, bool mark=true)
void initDockWidgets ()
bool markMisspelled (const QString &orig, unsigned int pos)
void modifyMsgstrText (const uint offset, const QString &text, bool clearFirst=false)
bool openDiffFile (bool autoDiff)
void setupAutoCheckTools ()
void startSearch (bool delay)
void updateEditor (int formID=0, bool delay=false)

Private Attributes

QStringList _args
QPopupMenu * _argsMenu
QPtrList< KDataTool > _autocheckTools
int _autoSaveDelay
bool _autoSearchTempDisabled
QValueList< uint > _backHistory
KSharedConfig::Ptr _config
uint _currentIndex
KBabel::DocPosition _currentPos
int _currentTag
bool _diffEnabled
bool _diffing
bool _dontBeep
QPopupMenu * _dropMenu
bool _editingDocumentation
KLed * _errorLed
QCString _fileSource
bool _findBreakAtEnd
FindDialog * _findDialog
KBabel::DocPosition _findStartPos
QValueList< uint > _forwardHistory
KLed * _fuzzyLed
GotoDialog * _gotoDialog
QString _lastFoundString
bool _loadingDiffFile
QSplitter * _mainEditSplitter
KBabel::Project::Ptr _project
ReplaceDialog * _replaceAskDialog
FindDialog * _replaceDialog
int _replaceExtraOffset
int _replaceLen
KBabel::DocPosition _replacePos
int _replacesTotal
bool _replaceWasAtEnd
bool _showTryLaterBox
KBabel::SpellcheckSettings _spellcheckSettings
QStringList _tags
QPopupMenu * _tagsMenu
KLed * _untransLed
QSplitter * _viewSplitter
QTimer * autoSaveTimer
KBabelDictBox * dictBox
CharacterSelectorView * m_charselectorview
CommentView * m_commentview
ContextView * m_contextview
bool m_overwrite
SourceView * m_sourceview
TagListView * m_taglistview
struct {
   bool   active
   KSpellConfig *   config
   QStringList   ignoreList
   int   inWordCorrection
   KSpell *   kspell
   uint   lastIndex
   uint   lastPos
   int   misspelled
   QStringList   newIgnoreList
   QStringList   newWords
   QStringList   origWords
   int   posCorrection
   QPtrList< Position >   posDict
   int   replaced
   SpellWhat   what2Check
   QStringList   wordList
struct {
   KSpellConfig *   config
   KSpell *   kspell

Static Private Attributes

static QPtrList< KBabelView > * viewList = 0


struct  Position

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